About us

DEVTA NIBHA RAJNARAYAN FOUNDATION is set up to realize the vision of late Raj Narayan Choudhary, late Devta Devi Choudhary, and Smt. Nibha Devi Choudhary. The Social Workers dream of a modern India, secular and progressive. A nation that enshrines the democratic principles of equality and social harmony within the social, racial and ethnic groups; and progress with rich cultural traditions. They imagined a society with educated people free of prejudice; where women participate as equals. A nation with the space and will to empower all citizens, and specially the underprivileged. To promote social harmony, patriotism, democratic values, national unity and integrity, communal fraternity, respect for humanity, universal brotherhood and global peace. Since its establishment, the foundation is working on a number of critical issues, including child and women development, education and learning, art, culture and language, identity, mother tongues and scripts, research and fellowship, health and medicine, agriculture and rural development, environment and national heritage, natural calamities and disasters, weaker sections of society, social issues and problems, workshops and seminars, publications and other various academic, social and cultural issues.

Devta Nibha Rajnarayan Foundation is a social, cultural and educational organization based on the vision that the society in which we live in, the people with whom you are in intimate relationships, the social environment which is around us, with our ability, capability and intelligence we should make it possible to live with happiness, peace and joy. The social vision of the Foundation is to bring the people of the society into the mainstream who are neglected, exploited and downtrodden for centuries. Provide them opportunity to live with dignity and justice. At the same time, there are many people whose ancestors were although not neglected or exploited but, in the process of development, they became victims of the unnatural death of their parents, or is martyrdom of soldiers, or their parents are gambler, drunkard, debauchery, or the people is in miserable condition due to unemployment, poverty and hunger. They feel isolated from the mainstream of society. The Foundation is committed to provide them social security and assistance. The cultural vision of the Foundation is based on values, ideals and policies that believe that no culture is superior or inferior, indeed all of them have their own characteristics, uniquenesses and beauties. Which needs to be protected and valued. We observe a cultural diversities all around us, the locality in which we live in. We belive that all these cultures should be respected and protected. Simultaneously, We should be proud of the way of life ​​that we received from our parents, family members, kins, traditions and theology. This is the result of a long life experience of our ancestors. The contents that constitute a culture are knowledge, philosophy, language, script, symbols, art, customs, laws, values, institutions, identity, ideals, sacraments, morality, family, kinship, village, and nation.
Every society has a different way of seeing and understanding their institutional character. Foundation belives in the opinion that each person must understand their utilities in terms of heritage. The educational vision of the Foundation lies in the notion ‘सा विद्या या विमुक्तये’ . The knowledge which can liberate the people from illiteracy, evil practices, malice and hatred, deception, exploitation, oppression, fraud and ignorance. Knowledge can be gained through education. Illiteracy is a curse. In India illiteracy is widely spread. The schemes and social welfare policies being implemented by the government are not being successful due to illiteracy . A big part of invested amount goes into the pockets of brokers, swindlers, and corrupt people. In rural areas, brokers are defrauding illiterate people in old age pension, housing schemes, Kabir funeral benefits, natural disaster grants, bank loans, subsidies and so on. Eliminating illiteracy is an essential factor for the development of a nation. The Foundation wishes to work to help these illiterate people and free their offsprings from the curse of illiteracy. Education is achieved through teaching and learning process in academic schools and colleges. Educational institutions should not become mere certificate issuing agencies. Foundation wishes to create a generation that learns to reason and to rise questions. Learn to discourse, debate and discussion. Acquire the wisdom to differentiate between truth and falsehood. Foundation wants to develop the culture of debate and seminar in academic schools and colleges. We wish the students studying in schools, colleges, and academic institutions to interact with the local community. They took the advantage of theirs experiences in their education and learning process. In this way, a modern India can be created where people would be educated, logical, and informative of their right and duties.