Devta Nibha Rajnarayan Siya Kulanand Health Centre, Arapatti.

On the continuous efforts of Raj Narayan Chaudhary and Kulanand Chaudhary, Health Department of Bihar Government approved in the year 2000 the establishment of a health sub-centre at Aarapatti in Saharsa. The construction work of the building was pending as the land was not being provided by the Circle Officer. In the year 2016, Shanti Kumari became the hon’ble Mukhiya of grampanchayat Aarapatti. A letter was written to Circle Officer Mahishi requesting him to provide land through grant, but he made the excuse of donating private land only when government land was not available. Under great pressure of Smt. Shanti, first C O Mahishi kept the process of taking the land on hold, many times excusing errors in the file and kept returning the file from the DCLR office to the Gram Panchayat. In 2018, Devta Nibha Rajnarayan Foundation was formally established to look into the health facilities in rural areas. Meanwhile, during the Corona epidemic, Aarapatti had to face a lot of problems in medicines, treatment and health tests of the people in quarantine. Shri Akshay Kumar Choudhary, President of Devta Nibha Rajnarayan Foundation and Mukiya Arapatti cum General Secretary of the Foundation Smt. Shanti/Shantilakshmi Choudhary, went to Patna and met the then Health Minister Sri Mangal Pandey and through him put pressure on the district administration. Then the matter was resolved and Mrs. Nibha Devi, w/o late Rajnarayan Choudhary and Mrs. Siya Devi w/o Late Kulanand Choudhary, granted three and a half kattha residential land at Arapatti in Mahishi-Arapatti 18 no. Road, on which Honorable Nitish Kumar laid the virtual foundation stone for the construction of the building on ……. Funds have been allocated for the construction of the building and till now the work of plinth construction has also been completed.

Gambhiradevi Shyamanand Librery

Devta Nibha Rajnarayan Foundation made efforts to establish a library with modern facilities in Saharsa. For this, a request was made to Shri Shyamanand Jha, the retired and qualified librarian of Rajendra Mishra College, to make his social contribution in establishing a library under the management of the Foundation and looking after its proper development. After his retirement, Mr. Jha had requested by the then Principal of Rajendra Mishra College to work on extension for two years but then he rejected this offer. However, this time in view to the purpose of his contribution towards the social service he agreed to take up this responsibility. To pay the librarian proper honor in part of the Foundation and also, the significant contribution of her charitable wife Mrs. Gambhira Jha in the establishment of Devta Nibha Rajnarayan Foundation, the proposed library has also been named after their names, and their marriage anniversary, 28th June 2023, has been declared as the foundation day of the library. A four-member Library Management Committee has been established to manage the functioning of this. The library is still in its initial stage. The members of the Foundation hope that soon it will be established as a library equipped with modern facilities in Saharsa city.

Child and Women Development

DNRF is determining to work with special concentration for the Child & Women Welfare. To encourage and promote family welfare activities among needy and disadvantaged people. To organized and take-up health, educational and welfare programmes for needy & poor women and children. To establish the medical facilities in the working locality such as family planning centers, dispensaries, maternity hospitals etc. To organize vocational training for women, single mothers, widows, abandoned wives, unmarried women, drop out girls and other needy women. To establish, build or manage crèches, child care centre or children’s home, counselling centres and helpline centers for women, children, alcohol and drug addicted parents and other needy persons. To organize and conduct health, educational and welfare programmes and charitable camps for needy women and children on priority basis.

DNRF is working to promote the education and learning in pre-school kids and school going children particularly in rural and under-developed urban set ups. Establishment, maintenance and support of kinder school, play school, boarding houses, hostel and grant of free boarding and lodging to poor and deserving students. To arrange/ establish and maintain centers of adult education, vocational education, technical trainings, low cost education, formal & non-formal education etc. To open/run/manage institute/college of higher/ professional/ technical/ politecnic/ engineering/ pharmacy/ medical/ dental/ paramedical/ nursing/ vocational/ job oriented courses and education in any part of the country for providing quality education and training to children and youth. Awarding scholarships and cash payments to deserving poor students desirous of receiving primary, secondary and higher education. To open and run the schools for the welfare and upliftment of the needy children and also run adult education programmes for the illiterate                                                                                 aged people.

DNRF aims to promote Indian classical and folk art, culture and indigenous languages among the people. To establish centre(s) for the promotion of music, singing, dance, fine arts, paintings, acting and other kinds of arts. To encourage the emerging artists to develop their talents for their self advancement so that they can get proper motivation, appreciation and recognition within and outside the country. To support the families, dependents and relatives of artists economically and morally for promoting the budding artists. To promote and protect Indian culture and tradition, social values and philosophy, ethos of cultural diversities, ethnic and tribal folk cultures, folk music, dance, act, handicraft, handlooms, art, modern art, paintings, & literature. To establish residential and non-residential cultural centres for promoting music, singing, dance, fine arts, paintings, acting and other kinds of arts.

DNRF is much more sensitive to Maithil Identity, Maithili mother tongue and mithilakshar/tirhutakshar and all those Indian aborigine languages, scripts and cultural identity which are being extinct due to lack of protection. We are determined to revive and resurrect such languages, scripts and cultural identity with special attention to Maithili, mithilakshar, and Maithils. Foundation also promotes Maithili and Sanskrit monographs and classical literatures, Mithila Vedic School of thoughts, Maithil values, way of life, art, culture and philosophy, and the ethnography and history of Mithila. We works to protect and conserve monuments, historical places and buildings, archeology, scriptures, manuscripts, monographs, paintings, panjee and land record documents, and other assets of historical importance in Mithila. To organize programmes, workshops and seminars in honour of local and folk artist, litterateurs, social workers, politicians, journalists, scientists, social scientists, historians and the great men of national importance                especially of Mithila region; and to establish public buildings, monuments and institutions in honour of their names

DNRF is looking donation for establishment, maintenance, support and grants for research and fellowship for deserving and poor students in higher education and science and advance technologies. Grant of endowments at the universities, research institutions and other educational and scientific institutions, whether now existing or hereinafter established, for spread of education and advance knowledge in all or any branches of knowledge. Awarding scholarships and fellowships for the purpose of undertaking, perpetuating and encouraging education and research work for meritorious students and fellows. Establishment, maintenance and support of professorship, fellowship, lectureship, scholarship and prizes in schools, colleges or any other educational institutions.

DNRF promotes traditional therapies like yoga, naturopathy, meditation, acupressure, acupuncture, massage therapy, ayurveda, homeopathy, etc. Simultaneously to establish/run/manage hospitals, health centres, mobile health clinics, research centre to provide health care, counseling and referral services for all kinds of illness and deceases. To provide various medical services such as organizing health and awareness camps of immunization, eye care, child care, motherhood, geriatric health and communicable diseases. To establish, maintain, run, develop, improve, extend, grant, donate for and to aid in the establishment, maintenance, running, development, improvement and extension of innovative medical projects, ambulance services, with special emphasis on trauma care, afford first aid treatment, cure and other medical relief to the public especially to the accident victims. To establish, maintain, develop and donate for the the establishment, maintenance and development of projects to render medical services in the home of the aged, the physically handicapped, the bedridden and the mentally retarded. To fight against HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases. To establish institutions and colleges for imparting education in the areas of trauma care, medical, paramedical, nursing and other allied subjects. To establish and maintain hospitals, clinics, medical, laboratories and research units affording facilities of medical relief basically to the accident victims, the aged, physically handicapped and mentally retarded. To organize, run, and assist in organizing and running of medical camps in rural and slum areas. To promote and support voluntary donation of blood, eyes and other parts of human body for the charitable purpose. To provide medical, emotional, psychological, social and medical support to senior citizens of our trust by setting up various drop-in centers, senior citizen homes, old-age homes and other entertainment centers so that these highly honorable people should not be neglected.

DNRF is committed to rural development by helping farmers living in villages with their agriculture related problems. The need for co-ordination is felt for this more often than not to make the accurate information of various schemes introduced by the state and central government to the farmers and rural families at appropriate time, and to make the facilities of these schemes available in an uninterrupted manner to the right and needy people. Foundation aims to start/run/manage kisan helpline centre, seeds, fertilizer and manure helpline centre, fisheries, cow rearing, goat rearing, sheep rearing, piggery, poultry training centers, beekeeping, sericulture, and cottage and household industry helpline centre in the rural as well as urban areas of the country. To establish /manage community recreation centre, cold-storages, garbage disposal, public toilets, crematorium and burial grounds in the needy and underdeveloped rural as well as urban areas of the country.

Importantly among the main objectives of DNRF is to work for environmental protection, forestation, plantation, wetland restoration and water resource management. To promote and protect natural herbs and plants by cultivation, preservation, storage, processing, demonstration, creating botanical garden and providing necessary training. To work against the exploitation of animals, birds and wildlife as well as to make sincere efforts to protect them. An elaborate action plan is also needed to get rid of the encroachment on the land of the main streams of the rivers due to the laxity of the local administration. We are determined to protect our river basins, mountains, plateaus, forests and natural resources. We undertake activities for sensitizing people to preserve the natural resources of our nation and to maintain the ecological balance of the area. Besides all these we are also sensitive to save or protect our national heritage, historical monuments, buildings or places of the archeological & historic significances.


DNRF is very sensitive to the condition of many areas of the country especially the Mithila region of North-east Bihar which is very vulnerable to natural calamities and disasters. We are determined to start and assist the relief measures in those parts of the country which become effected to natural calamities and disasters like drought, famine, fire, flood, earthquakes, landslide, lightning, wildfire, rural fire, strong wave, ice storm, cold wave, avalanche, epidemic, strike, riots and alike; and to give donations, subscriptions or contributions to institutions establishments, centres which enjoy recognitions under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961 or persons doing relief works on such occasions.

DNRF promotes and advocates Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom for all without any discrimination of race, religion, caste, color, ethnicity, sex and language. We give, provide and render help and assistance to implement any schemes for providing livelihood and upliftment of the poor and weaker sections. Foundation aims to assist and provide for the poor and weaker sections of the society by constructing community hall, rest houses, dormitories, well, tube well, drinking water facilities etc. To give, provide, distribute clothes, blankets, rugs, woolen clothing, quilts and cotton, wool, silk or other varieties of cloths or other article of necessity and facilities for the poor and weaker sections. To give, sponsor or provide food, medicine and other help and assistance in any shape and form to the needy and weaker families of societies. To acquire fund, promote or assist in cash or kind for conducting marriages of the poor and weaker sections. To issue appeals raise funds and accept gifts, donation subscriptions in cash or in kind and any property either movable or immovable for the achievement of the objectives of the trust. To construct, maintain, alter, improve or develop any building belonging to the trust or works necessary or convenient for purpose of the trust. To provide and facilitate legal assistance to underprivileged and poor section of trust to fight against their exploitation and for their constitutional rights and justice.

DNRF works to explore the ways for promotion of socioeconomic development in the community. We communicate and co-ordinate with the Government, local and public authorities on various issues related to development, welfare and public interest on different subjects. To aware people about various social issues and problems to fight against evils of the society likes illiteracy, poverty, gender inequality, dowry practice, female infanticide, sex selective abortion, female feticide, bride burning, dowry death, honour killing, domestic violence, untouchability, caste discrimination. Foundation helps old aged, widows, poor, handicapped, orphans, mentally retired and under privileged section of the trust/community. To run/ operate different types of education program/schools like formal, non-formal, pre-school for the educational development of under privileged children of the community/trust. To make up efforts for the education, welfare and development of women, children and unprivileged community in both urban and rural areas throughout the country. To take-up, initiate or assist social development activities or welfare programmes for bringing positive change in the lives of the common people.

DNRF is assertive to arrange and organize educational, academic, cultural and social programmes for all human being from time to time. To establish an award for the deserving people in the field of knowledge, science, commerce, mathematics, music, art, ethnography, field work studies, social works and services, communal harmony, brotherhood and peace. To undertake, organize, conduct and facilitate, conference, lecture, seminar, workshop, research colloquium and educational debates on various aspects of science, technology, social issues and problems. Foundation organizes awareness camps, health camps, campaign, march, coordination meeting, convention and exhibition. We hold the objective to aware people about their legal, constitutional, democratic and fundamental rights.

DNRF is preparing an elaborate work plan to publish books, magazines, charts, issue related IEC (Information, Education and Communication) materials and other periodical illustration for generating the income for the trust and for the benefit of its aims. To undertake and promote the publication & translation of journal, research papers, books and monographs and to develop the audio visual programme to disseminate knowledge pertaining to the objectives of the Trust. We are soon going to publish a scholarly, international, peer-reviewed, refereed, multi-disciplinary research journal for the benefits of academic and professional researchers and research scientists associated with various disciplines in Central and State Universities in India or abroad so that their dissertation works and articles can be circulated.