Devta Devi Chodhary

Devta Devi was the daughter of saraswe chhajan moolgram and sandilya gotra Babu Narayan Jha and mother Premada Devi of Shahabad village in Ganga diyara region under Bihpur police station of Bhagalpur district. Her grandfather’s name was Padmanand jha. Keshav Jha and Padmanand jha brothers had been awarded the zamindari right in Ganga diyara region from the Raj Baneli landlord family of Sultanganj. Father Narayan Jha was a Congress leader. His mother was from Mahishi village, that’s why his social and political activities was expended in Saharsa district too. Babu Narayan Jha had given his Shramdaan for the construction of Koshi Dam. Later he also performed the role of contributed in the construction of Koshi Dam. In the days after the construction of Dam, Babu Narayan Jha started taking care of his farming by staying in Shahabad village. More often then not he had donated his pieces of land in the bhoodan movement too. The old Shahabad village was absorbed in the Ganga river in last years of 70s. consequently the entire village came and settled in Sultaganj munispel area. Narayan Jha family also came to Sultanganj for the same reason. This is now the new village Shahabad where Devta’s parents family got settled.

The childhood nickname of Devta Devi was Nuniya. She was the eldest sister of her three brothers. Devta Devi was married in Mahishi village to budhabare mahishi moolgram and vatsa gotra Raj Narayan Choudhary, the third son of Babu Radhakant Chowdhary and mother Jayanti Devi, who himself was an active Congressman of Koshi region. Devta Devi associated herself with the Congress party along with her Congressman father and husband and continued to contribute in the social work of the Congress. Unfortunately an accident occurred in Shahabad. Fire caught in a container of kerosene oil from the flame of lantern, she got badly burnt when her synthetic saree caught fire. Even after a lot of treatment and service, she could not be rescued as after four days she departed form this earth. She left behind her a one year old son. It is said that Devta had all the qualities that a well cultured woman from a decent and prestigious Maithil Brahmin family should have in the 60s and 70s. She was endowed with all the vartues and qualities of being kind, obedient, humble, intelligent, decent, chaste, charitable, having faith in devinity, helping the poor, serving the elders, special expertise in Maithili art, culture, painting, handicraft, aripan, graffiti, sculpture and so on. However, this was an era in which the need was felt to improve the social respect to barren women by giving them due regards and that the economic rights to widows and single women. During her whole lifetime Devta had always been fighting with her society for the rights and respect of women.