Nibha Devi Chodhary

Nibha Devi is the daughter of baliyase dharoura moolgram and kashyap gotra Babu Kailash Chandra Jha and mother Sona Devi of Parari village under Bangao police station of Saharsa district. Her grandfather’s name was Babu Vishwa Nath Jha. His father had an economically lower middle class family but socially reputed and prestigious. Now a days most of the members of her parent’s family members hold reputed position in government as well as in public sector.

After the death of his first wife, Babu Raj Narayan Choudhary became a prospective groom. He wrote in his personal diary that he did not had any interest in his second time marriage. He wanted that he have a son and by raising him properly, make him a big man and spend more and more time in social activities and services. But his father-in-law Babu Narayan Jha, elder brother Manmohan Choudhary, younger brother Kulanand Choudhary and their wives wanted him to get married for the second time so that his household could run smoothly. It was under this pressure that I was forcibly married. He further wrote that the decision determined by my destiny and taken by kuldevi Mata Jwalamukhi regarding my second marriage was a good decision. My wife is gentle, generous , cultured, benevolent, and imbued with motherly affection. Owing to her my three children were brought up properly and they have got good discipline. I and my children were saved from being a burden on any other brothers and their wives in the family. It is my good fortune that I have earned a lot of name and fame in the society because of her as she has got continuous support in my social life, activities and public services.The village and society in which Nibha lives in her in-laws house belongs to the underprivileged, the poor, the scheduled castes, and the marginalized people of the society. She has been engaged in social services to help these sort of people by providing them empathic and mostly financial support in the circumstances of illness, daughters’ marriages, childbirth, deaths, accidents, and for their children’s education. It is her charitable thinking that during the Corona epidemic, when she was proposed to donate her valuable piece of land for the establishment of health center in the village Arapatti, she quickly got ready and donated her land along with her HBW (sister-in-law) Smt. Siya Devi.