Raj Narayan Choudhary is remembered today as intense social worker, principled Congressman of Gandhin and Nehrubian thoughts, socialist politician, reputed social jurist, representative public thinker and virtuous personality in entire Koshi region in Saharsa district.

In Mithila’s Panji Prabandhan, there is references of villages of origins (moolgram) associated with the village Mahishi in Saharsa district. Raj Narayan Choudhary’s forefathers descended from the linage of budhabare mahishi moolgram and vatsa gotra genealogy. The people of this moolgram had got the right of zamindari in many revenue villages by Darbhanga and Baneli Raj dynasties. Raj Narayan Babu’s forefathers got the zamidari in Mahishi and Aarapatti Mozas. The area of ​​Arapatti is physically separated today from Mahishi by Koshi river and Koshi dam situated inbetween the two. Albeit, Aarapatti and Mahishi village have a common ancestral, demographic and cultural character. Budhabare families of Mahishi settled in Arapatti to take care of their farms and barns, while they have maintained their presence in the physical demography of village Mahishi too. After the construction of Koshi dam, Raj Narayan Choudhary and his dayad got punarwas (resettlement) lands also in Mahishi. Owing to this the continuity of interaction and contacts remained intact inbetween Mahishi and Aarapatti. The village Mahishi also held the Cercle and C. D. Block headquarters of Aarapatti gram panchayat, due to which the people living in these two villages are always in everyday contacts like a inseperable village.

Raj Narayan Choudhary did his matriculation from Manohar High School Saharsa and l. Com. from Marwari College in Bhagalpur University. He continued his B. Com., however due to his family situation he could not appered in the University examination and settled in Arapatti to look after his joint family land disputes pending in civil court. This was the time when he came in contects of congress leaders and associated himself in social activities and political movements.

He had a formal educational degree in commerce, he had intensive and extensive knowledge of the laws of land disputes, Hindu and Muslim inheritance rights, prevailent tradition and laws related to marriages and kinship relationship of different castes and communities. Owing to this people always used to call him for Panchayat in mutual disputes conserned to these issues. He used to read Ramayana everyday and had great reverence and love for Lord Rama’s ideals of feternity and friendship towards all living beings.

He had faith in Gandhi’s principle of truth and non-violence incompassed with morality, love, generosity and the ethos of never causing mental or physical pain to another person. He himself used to speak sweet and often said ‘what is the need to give poison to those who die by giving sweets’. He believed that the most complex social disputes can be resolved with sweet speech, patience and tolerance. He was also a great admirer of Gandhi’s social works and social services. He strongly believed in the democratic process, Indian Constitution, humanism and respect for the common man. He had intimate social association with the low and untouchable castes, and always stood by them to help in their pain and sorrow. A qualified teacher Shri Rameshwar Shrama appointed the advisor of his family, taught his children and stayed at his home till the last stage of his life. Master Sahab Rameshwar Sharma belonged to weaver caste but Rajnarayan Babu and his younger brother Kulanand Babu used to sit togather with him every evening to read the Ramayana. Master saheb was a man of dignity, a devotee of Ram, vegitarian since birth and a philanthropist, who enhanced the dignity and beauty of Raj Narayan Babu’s house.

Raj Narayan Choudhary had great faith in Nehru’s socialism, secularism and non-alignment and always had a anti attitude towards communalism and factionalism in the society. He was a great admirer of Rajendra Prasad, Sardar Patel, Abul Kalam Azad, Shri Krishna Singh, and was a dear friend of Lahtan Choudhary, the then MLA of Mahishi and acrenound ministerial figure of Bihar government. A congress leader, Mohammad Naeem narrets that whenever Lahtan Choudhary used to visit Koshi Diara region, he stayed at his place and the entire congress politics of Koshi Diara region was managed from there. Lahtan Choudhary said that Rajnarayan Babu is a dedicated worker of Congress, but never asked for any position or any other benefit for himself; Whenever asked for something, then have only the poor and downtrodden people in his mind. A Congress rival and socialist leader from Koshi, Parameshwara Kunwar was also an admirer of Raj Narayan and his brother Kula Nand Choudhary. Former MLA of Mahishi and former Minority Minister of Bihar Government Mr. Abdul Gafoor told in a context said that, Kula Nand Choudhary remained the Sarpanch of Gram Panchayat Arapatti throughout his life since the establishment of Panchayati Raj, and his public administrative ability was amazing but elder brother Raj Narayan Choudhary was actually a remarkable politician, social worker and Brahmin intellectual. Those whom he marked for the post of mukhiya, were supported by the public and won by the influence of these two brothers. Raj Narayan Choudhary was a justice-loving Lok Panch and was called with respect wherever panchayats were organised at any place in the Koshi region. Raj Narayan babu used to solve the most com inplex panchayat with great patience and dedication which could not be possible by anyone. Be it Hindu or Muslim, he was popular among all communities for his this merits.