Akshay Kumar Choudhary

Akshay kumar Choudhary is the eldest son of Devta Devi, Nibha Devi Choudhary and Raj Narayan Choudhary. Pursued his college and University studies in T. M. Bhaglpur University, Bhagalpur and Delhi School of Economics in University of Delhi. He did his M. Phil. From Department of Sociology in D. School on the research topic “Marriage among the Brahmins if Mithia” and submitted his ph. D. Thesis in Delhi University on the research topic “Dowry among the Maithil Brahmins: Aspects of Change and Continuty.” Assistant professor in Rajendra Mishra College, Saharsa. Specialization in caste, kinship, marrige, Ggeanealogy, women studies, gender, feminism and Maithil culture and tradition. Interest in journalism and mass communication and holds a digree in journalism and mass communication from Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi. He looks after the responsibility of mass media and news release of Rajendra Mishra College.

Mr. Choudhary is a skilled speaker and good anchor. He has played a key role in organizing many seminars and workshops within and outside the college. Associated with verious acedemic and social organisations. Parmanent member of Shri Ugratara Sankritik Mahotsv, Mahishi being organised by the Tourism Department of Bihar Government and District Administration of Saharsa. A parmanent member of the Seminar and Debate Committee as well as the Editorial Boad of Soveniour publication of the aforesaid Bihar Government’s Mahotsv.

Many of his research papers have been published in National and International Research Journals. He has presented his paper on “Intimate Relationship and Heterosexual Relationship among the Maithil Brahmins” at Next Generation Sociological Workshop organized in Kyoto University, Japan. He is a full time academician and the trust area of his research is confirmed to Maithil culture, philosophy and way of everyday life.


Shanti Kumari /Shantilakshmi Choudhary

A social and political activist of Congress family background. Govidpur village of Pratapganj C. D. Block in Supaul district is the parental village where the joint family of two famous Congress brothers and the descendents of Kashyap gotra nanpur mool maithil Brahmin Shivpriya Haripriya babu Gopal Jha, Late Sadan Jha and Late Madan Jha had settled after their forefathers’ Banainiya village was drawn into the Koshi river in 1938. Late Madan Jha is FF and Late Sadan Jha FFB of Shantilakshmi. Father Shri Shyamanand Jha, a government servent at the position of Librarian in R. M. College, Sahrsa is staying in Saharsa district headquarter since 1982 with her mother Smt. Gambhira Devi Jha and her two brothers. Her schooling and higher studies have also been done from Saharsa. Married in 2009 with a social ethnographer and researcher associated with Department of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi. In this way she became the member and the honour of the budhabare Mahishi mool and the pride of Devta Devi, Nibha Devi and Raj Narayan Choudhary’s extended family in Mahishi and Arapatti village. Later she has completed her B. Ed. from Maharishi Dayanand University Rohtak and then submitted her Ph. D. Thesis to B. N. Mandal University, Madhepura in the Department of Zoology on the research topic “Study of Microbial Quality of Water and Fish using Raw and Fermented Poultry Manure”. Shantilakshmi has been a meritorious student of her student life and a learned research scientist in Life Science with specialization in Zoology of Toxicological Research in Fisheries. Elected as mukhiya of gram panchayat Arapatti in C D Block Mahishi in Saharsa District in 2016 and hold this elected representative status upto 2021. She was also elected as the vice president of Mahishi Prakhand Mukhiya Sangh. Associated herself with the rural development program and anti-corruption movement politically adhered by the NDA government under the leadership of Hon’ble Chief Minster of Bihar Sri Nitish Kumar. JDU nominated her Woman Secretary of the Bihar State Women Wing in 2022 and then promoted to the position of Woman General Secretary in 2023. During her tenure as the mukhiya of Arapatti lots of important works were done in the fields of houses for the poors under the scheme of Indira Awaas, new ration cards for BPL families, financial support for farmers under the scheme of agriculture grants, flood relief, construction of two span concrete bridges under the scheme of Rural work Department, charitable support during Corona epidemic, foundation of Health center by donating her own land to the governor of Bihar, construction of panchayat Sarkar Bhavan, electrification and facilitating street lighting system, and eliminating the brokerage and swindle tradition from the panchayat. Despite doing so many works, she could not win the election due to the displeasure of the brokers and thugs of the panchayat at mass levels and importantly being betrayed by some of her trusted people and the people she helped throughout her tenure. She has still not given up her cherity works and is determined to carry forward the work of public service started by her establishing this DNR foundation. She is also associated with verious social and cultural organisations in Saharsa. She is the member of sanraksh Community of Ajad Yuva Vichar Manch and the members of Cultural and Seminar Committees in Shri Ugratara Sanskritik Mahotsv, Mahishi organised annually by the Turism Department of Bihar. Government and District Administration of Saharsa.


Raman Kumar Jha


Popularly known as Chhotu Babu. A temporary resident of Tiwari Tola in Saharsa and have studied from different educational institutions of the town. Cousin of the founder Shantilakshmi Choudhary. His native village is then obviously at Govindpur in Supaul district. Father Mr. Ghananand Jha is well educated but due to not getting a government job, he stays in the village and does farming. Mother is a housewife. Your family has contributed a lot in the social work and public activities of his own village. An school has been running in Madanpur Kauakhani of Gauvindpur in the name of grandfathers revered Madan Jha and Sadan Jha, for which land has been donated by their family members. A graduate in Political Science and B. Liv. and also have a Diploma in Health Care. Presently working as an Accountant in Mahindra Finance. He is very popular among common people as he has an infinite ability to mix with people quickly. You always stand by the side of people who are helpless and in distress. Due to his special interest in elementary education and health care in the underdeveloped villages as well as tolas and kasbas in towns, poor and downtrodden people are very fascinated to him. In fact, you are the grassroots level social worker of the Foundation and a precious asset of the organisation.